We are Emma and Lisa, life long friends and Co-founders of Curiosity Cottage. Together we have over 35 years Early Years experience and we are passionate about providing young children the best start in life. We are also advocates for families getting the support they need.
This is how Curiosity Cottage came to life. We want to provide a safe, welcoming space for children and their families to come and learn, make friend’s and feel supported. 

Our ethos

How do we plan on doing this? With a calm, relaxed environment. Full of real world items, there to create curiosity and wonder from each child. Margaret Mead tells us “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” We want to provide classes full of opportunites where children can explore, be inquisitive and be curious!

Each class will be filled with invitations that are designed to promote full engagement from each child, which in turn leads to the best possible learning opportunities. 

Not only do we want this for the children but we also want to provide a space for families to come, feel welcomed and relaxed. Where you can share stories, the good and the bad! We can offer advice and support. And most of all you can create friendships with other parents, who are just as sleep deprived as you are!


introducing Emma

Hi, I’m Emma. I am a level 4 qualified Advanced Early Years practitioner. I have worked within Early Years for almost 16 years and within that time I have gained a vast knowledge and understanding of young children. Among many others, I have completed a Safeguarding Children course and hold a Paediatric First Aid certificate.
I have a son of my own who is 3 years old and as a family we are hoping for more children in the near future. I enjoy walking, reading and meals out when possible!
When I had my son I remember feeling a need to connect with other mum’s, someone who felt the same way as I did. After googling late into the night and during feeds I realised small towns just didn’t have as much to offer. I did the odd class here and there but I really felt the area lacked a space to just connect with new mums.
This is why myself and Lisa created Curiosity Cottage. Not only do I want to provide young children with opportunities to thrive, but I also want to share this knowledge with families. I want to create a community where families can just pop in and offload if they need to. Where you can get in touch at any point to ask advice about your little one.
I’m so excited to be on this journey and hopefully, together, we can create our Curious Community!


introducing lisa

I am a level 3 qualified Childcare practitioner, with almost 20 years experience in the Early years sector. I believe continued professional development is very important and have completed numerous training courses. Most recently ‘Managing big feeling and mindfullness in the early years’ and ‘Mental health awareness in children and young adults’
My passion for early years has also lead to me becoming a qualified baby massage instructor, encouraging positive touch and bonding.
I have 3 children of my own and even as an early years practitioner motherhood has taught me many things; it is a learning journey with many highs and lows along the way.
I empathise with the working parents that are trying to find a happy work life balance, the guilt of not having enough time to spend with their family. Also with the stay at home parents that crave adult conversation and miss the career that they chose to put on hold. Whatever the circumstance we at Curiosity Cottage will be there to offer positive friendly advice and a listening ear.


Your family — Our Vision


We want to build not only a space for children to learn, interact and thrive, but to create a curious community for grown ups too. Where each and every member of the family can come to feel safe, welcome, and free to have a good catch up.


From the activities to the room lay out, each part of our classes will have been carefully researched and thought out to offer the highest quality engagement for your child.


Our aim is for each class to be accessible for every family and we recognise part of that is keeping our prices low.


We are passionate about using open ended, reusable resources. We will avoid unnecessary plastic and waste wherever possible.


At Curiosity Cottage we actively promote equality and understand each child is unique. We strive to make each class accessible to all.


We welcome all feedback from our families and will be pro active in responding. We want to build a space that works for you and your children.